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Tango Workshop




Session 1: Some theory
After a welcome message (A Goetz), some theory about Tango will be given (J. Meyer). No panic, theory here does not mean that we will demonstrate
Maxwell laws in spherical coordinate but only that this talk will give you on overview of Tango without practical exercise.

Session 2: Time to put our hands in the  motor
During this session, with the speaker help (E. Taurel), participants will write their first Tango class to control a thermometer. This way, we will check
your fever before the official conference openning.


Session 3: Tango gives you the choice
Which graphical layer are you going to use for your applications? Some Java Swing widgets or a synoptic, but Qt is not that bad and PyQt may be even better?
We let you choose. Tango support all these and we will prove it. (F. Poncet, G Viguier and some other speakers)

Session 4: Some helpful features not addressed yet during this workshop
More than 100 hosts in your control system? The Tango tool "Astor" will let you administrate / diagnose your control system as easily as 1 + 1 = 2
(P. Verdier)
You are a Python fan (nobody's perfect), don't worry, PyTango will be your friend (speaker not defined yet)
You have some physicists using Matlab, Labview or IgorPro even during their dreams? Keep cool, Tango has some bindings available for these well known commercial products (N. Leclercq)