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Pre-conference workshops

Information on pre-conference workshops

The following pre-conference workshops and tutorials  will take place at the conference center Sunday the 9th of October, the day before ICALEPCS 2011 :

  • Open Hardware Initiative workshop organized by Javier Serrano (CERN) .The workshop is dedicated to discussing the principles and practice of Open Hardware (OH), a way of designing, licensing and commercializing electronics inspired by the free and open source software world. It deals also with current OH projects and will serve as a forum to discuss future strategies and collaborations.
  • Cyber-Security  workshop organised by Dr. Stefan Lueders.(CERN). This is the 3rd workshop on this topic. Interest is high as cyber- security is as relevant as ever. If you want to participate or submit a talk please contact Dr. Stefan Lueders.
  • Programming EPICS-enabled Real-Time and FPGA Systems: organized by National Instruments. In this tutorial you will learn how you can use EPICS server and client to communicate to COTS hardware. See how you can use LabVIEW to develop RTOS applications and deploy them to hardware. Learn to use multi-core processors with parallel programming techniques. Use high-level graphical programming to design your own custom reconfigurable FPGA hardware.
  • TANGO workshop organized by Emmanuel Taurel (ESRF). TANGO is an object oriented distributed control system using CORBA and is being developed as a collaborative effort between several institutes in Europe. This workshop will be organized as a set of tutorials and will allow TANGO beginners to discover the different features of TANGO thanks to a set of practical examples.
  • jddd workshop organized by Elke Sombrowski and Kay Rehlich (Desy, Hamburg). jddd is an editor for control system panels.The goal of this workshop is to promote jddd as an advanced tool for designing and running control panels. jddd beginners will be introduced in working with the panel editor and basic features. jddd experts will be instructed in the creation of complex control panels using dynamic jddd widgets/components. The workshop will include practical exercises on control panel development.
  • CDM (Common data model) workshop organized by Alain Buteau (SOLEIL).Standardization of data files formats appears up to now , as the only way to be able to share scientific data analysis applications and exchanging measurements data files between facilities (as for instance neutrons and synchrotrons)
    By introducing a new level of indirection for data access, the CommonDataModel (CDM) API offers an alternative to this long standardisation process by allowing to split development efforts and responsibilities between institutes.
    Using a innovative “mapping” system between applications definitions and physical data organizations, the CDM allows to develop data reduction applications regardless of data files formats organizations
    This workshop will describe the CDM project. It will show you how to write a CDM based data analysis application and how to adapt your own data to CDM. Then you will see some examples of generic tools for data browsing and data reduction.

Overall agenda

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Common Data Model workshop Cyber security workshop jddd workshop FPGA Labview workshop Tango workshop Open hardware workshop