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Tutorial 1 : Tuesday the 11th of October at 13:30 to 15:30

Dr. Simrock
Stefan Simrock, ITER
Feedback control plays an important role in the design and operation of modern accelerators and fusion devices. Feedback is required to stabilize inherently unstable system dynamics and processes and to improve machine performance. To better understand the theory of feedback control and be able to design feedback controllers this tutorial will consists of 3 parts:
1.Introduction to control theory (60 min)
2.Examples for control applications in accelerators and fusion devices (30 min)
3.Demonstration of control system analysis and design tools in the MATLAB / Simulink environment. (30 min)
more details : Control Theory and Application to Accelerators and Fusion Reactors            

Tutorial 2 : Tuesday the 11th of October at 16:00 to 18:00

Voelter2Markus Völter
Implementing DSLs with Xtext and MPS

This tutorial is an introduction to development of domain-specific languages, based on the 'Trends in Programming Languages' talk in Tuesday morning. I show a couple of example DSLs used in various technical domains. Then I provide details on two language workbenches: Eclipse Xtext and JetBrains MPS. Both are Java-based Open Source products that support the rapid development od DSLs, but they use radically different approaches: Xtext is parser-based, MPS is a projectional editor.
The goal of the tutorial is to illustrate the usefulness of DSLs, showcase the productivity of language workbenches for developing languages, and give participants a head start in using Xtext and MPS. The tutorial is mostly example-based: I will demonstrate the implementation of a small DSL in each of the tools.