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A round table discussion will be organised on Tuesday the 11th October in the evening on "When and How to mix Languages. If not why not ?"

A round table will be organised on Tuesday the 11th October at 7 pm in the auditorium. The topic of the round table is :


When and How to mix Languages. If not why not ?


The panel will be composed of three keynote speakers :

  • Bruce Eckel
  • Markus Voelter
  • Dr. James Truchard

Today programmer's are increasingly faced with a choice of programming languages. With this choice comes the question whether to use only one language or to use more than one language and mix them. Some specialists say that the future is language oriented programming with more and more Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) and even meta-languages. One of the topics of the conference is the hybridization of systems i.e. mixing of software and hardware languages. Should we embrace this development. How to prepare for it ? What are the pitfalls. We are lucky to have a number of keynote speakers specialists in the domain of languages and their evolution. We invite you to join the Round Table organised on this topic. In preparation of the RT we propose you to reflect on the following questions :

  • How much does language influence your thinking and design of a system ?
  • What are the advantages of mono-culture i.e. one language, versus a mixed system ?
  • What are the domains of the common languages like C/C++, Java, Python, etc. ?
  • Are DSL's on the increase ? Are language oriented systems the future ?
  • What are the next languages to watch and adopt ?
  • Any other questions ?