News and Announcements Site News daily 1 2009-12-03T00:30:15Z Proceedings published on JACoW The full set of proceedings, including papers, talks, posters and speaker photos is now available at the JACoW site. No publisher robichon 2012-01-06T10:57:27Z News Item Official photos online! See the official photos of the conference here! No publisher robichon 2011-10-12T09:14:39Z News Item Conference Guide available online ! The conference guide is now available online for downloading No publisher goetz 2011-09-22T07:40:55Z News Item Paper submission now open! No publisher robichon 2011-07-01T08:50:02Z News Item Registration open Registration is now open. No publisher goetz 2011-06-01T20:52:17Z News Item Awards No publisher robichon 2011-11-08T22:36:13Z News Item Abstract submission closes with a record number of abstracts! Abstract submission closed on Tuesday 5th April with 473 abstracts. No publisher robichon 2011-04-05T07:27:37Z News Item Cyber-Security pre-conference workshop A 1 day pre-conference workshop will be organised on Cyber-Security No publisher goetz 2011-06-24T14:38:36Z News Item 2nd ISAC/PC Meeting - 19th and 20th of May The 2nd ISAC-PC meeting was held in Grenoble on the 19th and 20th of May. No publisher robichon 2011-06-08T06:11:28Z News Item Exhibitors booths are snapped up! The number of booked exhibitors booths is increasing! Companies are rushing to book their exhibition booths: as per 20th January 2011 nearly half of the available booths have already been booked. No publisher robichon 2011-01-20T08:32:32Z News Item