COVID-19 information


Updated COVID-19 information for users, contractors and other visitors

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Regarding the pandemic and according to the recommendations of the French authorities, the ESRF has implemented a COVID-19 policy based on the two following objectives: ensuring safe working conditions on the ESRF site and maintaining User Service Mode (USM) with a maximum number of beamlines.

Teleworking is currently privileged as much as possible and external visits are limited to a strict minimum.

Regarding the tighter restrictions put in place by the French authorities to enter and travel in France since 1 February, and the travel restriction implemented to exit and enter many European and non-European user countries, a new USM schedule has been adopted until the summer shutdown, available here. The ESRF will continuously monitor the situation with the aim to come back to the typical USM schedule as soon as the present COVID-19 sanitary situation will improve and allow it.

Users, contractors and other visitors are also reminded to respect strictly the COVID-19 protective and sanitary measures in place on the ESRF site. In particular, it is reminded that professional meetings should be kept to a strict minimum (duration and number of people), and social gatherings should be avoided in all cases.

We also remind users, contractors and visitors that due to the national curfew in force in France from 6pm, they are invited to leave the premises at 5pm whenever possible, and those leaving the site during the curfew must be in possession of a work permit.