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Refereed Publication of papers

ICALEPCS2011 authors who, in addition to publishing in the conference proceedings, wish to have a refereed publication, are encouraged to consider submission of articles to a Special Edition of the online journal Physical Review Special Topics Accelerators and Beams (PRST-AB). Accepted papers, which relate to contributions of ICALEPCS 2011, will be issued in a special edition of this journal.


Physical Review Special Topics Accelerators and Beams (PRST-AB)

PRST-AB is an all-electronic, peer reviewed journal published by the American Physical Society and available without subscription or pay per view fees thanks for the support of sponsors. The all-electronic nature of the journal allows "Special Editions" while maintaining thorough peer review and timely publication. Articles based on ICALEPCS 2011 papers submitted to PRST-AB will be reviewed through the normal refereeing procedure, and if accepted for publication they will appear as regular PRST-AB articles in addition to being included in the ICALEPCS 2011 Special Edition.

Please note that for this option: 

1. Papers must contain additional material to the paper published in the conference proceedings. Typically the article may follow the same structure as the article presented at ICALEPCS2011, but should contain extra theory, modeling, data, or data analyses.
2. Authors must submit their manuscripts directly via the PRST-AB submission website.
3. Papers will go through the standard independent refereeing process of PRST-AB.
4. Papers will be accepted up to the deadline (to be fixed)
5. The issuing of a Special Edition is subject to a minimum number of papers being accepted.

How to submit a manuscript

Submitting a paper for peer-review is up to the author. The authors will be solely responsible for following up the peer-review process with Physical Review Special Topics Accelerators and Beams (PRST-AB). The only condition from the side of ICALEPCS is that the paper has been accepted and presented at ICALEPCS 2011. 

The submission to PRST will be using the PRST web-portal and tools and not rely in any way on JaCOW and the proceedings editorial staff. Information concerning manuscript submission is available here:

When submitting a manuscript to PRST-AB, an author should indicate they would like their manuscript to be considered for the Special Edition dedicated to ICALEPCS2011 by written request in the cover letter portion of their submission. The cover letter contains open fields where an author can relay this type of information directly to the editor's attention.

Publication criteria

The key publication criteria are outlined below. A detailed description of the acceptance criteria is posted under "Editorial Policies and Practices" on the PRST-AB web site as follows:

These same criteria are employed by the referees.

In keeping with PRST-AB policy, papers must contain important new results in science and/or technology, or they should review active areas of research in a form that is useful to both practitioners and people entering the field. Status reports of projects do not in general qualify. Confirmation of previously published results of unusual importance can be considered as new, as can significant null results. Papers that describe proposed experiments must demonstrate them to be novel and feasible.


Papers cannot be duplicates of work submitted for publication to another journal, but your ICALEPCS2011 presentation can be the basis of an article in PRST-AB provided the submitted manuscript presents more information, enabling the reader to obtain an improved understanding of the subject. (There are no page limits, so you need not be concerned with that limitation.) You may contact the Editor of PRST-AB, Frank Zimmermann, if you have questions about duplicate publication.

There are important advantages to publishing your work in a peer reviewed journal. Articles benefit from careful reading and criticism of a knowledgeable colleague, and acceptance of an article for publication can be important to ones career. The work presented in your ICALEPCS paper could be the starting point for such an article.

For more information please contact the PRST-AB ICALEPCS2011 Special Edition Editor (Niko Neufeld)