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PostScript file how-to

Once the contribution has been prepared according to the Paper Preparation Guidelines, you should prepare a PostScript file following these instructions:

Installation of the PostScript driver

Please install the driver by clicking on the link below.  This driver has been tested on Windows Vista/XP  and should work also on NT4/2K/2003 and Windows 7.

JACoW_PS_Printer_V1.0.0.1.exe - 55.375 Bytes
MD5: 5c60e5977baa15c6e297602faabb8c65

Download the installer (e.g. to your Desktop) and execute it with an account that has administrator privileges.

First you need to choose the folder for the driver files. The installer will try to determine a suitable location, so usually you just have to accept the suggestion.

Printer destination folder

If (or when) Windows warns you that this driver is not signed or has not passed the Windows Logo test you need to continue anyway. On Windows Vista the message may be a bit different, but the meaning is essentially the same.

Unsigned hardware


Check that the installation progressed without problems.

installation successful

After successful installation the printers should show up in your printer menu.

Printers list




The printers should be configured by the installer.

By right-clicking the printer and opening the printer properties,  you should click on the Advanced tab (screenshots below were taken on a PC running Vista, other Windows versions may vary).

ps printer settings

Then clicking on the Printing Defaults button, and then the Advanced button you will access the advanced options for the JACoW ps printer

 ps printer options


The options marked in bold must be set to

  • TrueType Font: Download as Softfont
  • PostScript Output Option: Optimize for Portability
  • TrueType Font Download Option: TrueType
  • PostScript Language Level: 2

If everything checks out the printer is ready to go. 


Obtaining your PostScript file

You generate the ps (or prn) file by printing on one of these JACoW printers

Print to JACoW printer

Clicking the OK button gives you a small dialog box were you can specify a location and filename for the PostScript file.

Save prn file


Save the file with the paper code, choosing the type .prn. 

You must then change this .prn file extension to .ps before you can upload it to the SPMS.

Check the size of the postscript file - an average size should be <3 MBytes. PostScript files which are larger than 5 MBytes often cause problems and will almost certainly require modification. If the PostScript file for the paper falls into this category, please consult the JACoW recommendations for diagnosis and remedies for large files.



There is an easy way to get rid of the printers and driver files. In the control panel select "Add or Remove Programs" then select in the list "JACoW PostScript Printer Driver" and push the uninstall button.

LaTeX users

LaTeX users please use the -j0 option with dvips - see the JACoW Site for help about preparing PostScript files.