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Abstract submission and guidelines

Abstract submission has been closed          


   Friday 1st April 2011                


You can see your abstract via the SPMS system here: Login.

All contributions to ICALEPCS 2011 will be managed using the JACoW Scientific Program Management System (SPMS). All authors must have a profile and an associated account within the JACoW Repository before submitting an abstract. Only one account is needed for multiple entries.

Submitting an abstract includes the following:
  • You must check whether you already have a JACoW profile and associated account, and create these if it is not already the case, 
  • To ensure that contributions are correctly placed within the conference Program they need a main classification. Please see the information on the Program tracks here.
  • When you have entered the title, presentation type, main classification, abstract text, footnotes and funding agency, click on "submit". Once your abstract(s) have been submitted, you will be able to edit or modify as necessary.
  • After your abstract has been submitted, a new window will open to input the names of co-authors and to indicate who would present the work should be selected for oral presentation, or who is the primary author, if the primary author is not the submitting author.

Refereed publication of papers

Authors who, in addition to publishing in the conference proceedings, wish to have a refereed publication, are encouraged to consider submission of articles to a Special Edition of the online journal Physical Review Special Topics Accelerators and Beams (PRST-AB).

More information is available on the Refereed Publication of papers page.


More guidelines for the preparation of abstracts are provided below.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Detailed instructions with screenshots are given here on how to create profiles, log onto your account, submit your abstract(s) and input co-authors.


Abstract Title


Enter the title of the abstract. Please use initial capital letters only.


For example: “This is a Paper Title in Initial Capital Letters”


Presentation Type


You can chose from the following two presentation types:  “I am willing to present orally” or "I prefer to present a poster." The Scientific Program Committee will make their selections of the contributed orals and posters accordingly.


Main Classification of Abstracts


Since all contributions are grouped by main classification, authors must select a classification based on the program tracks for the conference. Authors are responsible for properly classifying their abstracts to ensure that their papers are properly placed within the conference program. The Scientific Program Committee reserves the right to change the classification of your abstract if considered appropriate.


Abstract Text


Since an abstract is a concise summary of a paper, it should include a statement of the issue, research methods, and significant findings. Abstracts should be written as one continuous paragraph (carriage returns are not allowed). Abstract text should not exceed 1600 characters. Because electronic submission over the Web does not allow a simple, straightforward system to enter symbols, superscripts, or subscripts, authors are requested to avoid using them. Also, equations and footnotes are not acceptable within the body of abstracts. Please note that footnotes and references to funding agencies may be entered in their designated fields (see below).




Footnotes not exceeding 200 characters may be inserted in the footnote field for references to coauthors, institutions, etc.


Funding Agency


References to funding agencies may also be included and should not exceed 200 characters.


Following Abstract Submission


Entering Coauthor Information


After having "submitted" your abstract, a new window will open allowing you to enter coauthors and designate them as primary/submitting, speaker/presenter, etc. Note that when you enter coauthors, this information also goes into the SPMS, which will search to see whether a profile/account already exists for the coauthor. Once the abstract is submitted, primary/submitting authors may log on to their accounts at any time and edit their abstracts/coauthor data, etc. It is assumed that the submitting author would present a paper for oral presentation if selected. The names of submitting authors/persons who will make oral presentations will appear first in the list of coauthors in the conference program and abstracts booklet. If a person other than the submitting author would present the paper, this should be indicated on this page. Co-authors properly entered in the SPMS will thus appear in the list of co-authors which will be included in the Program booklet and in the author index of the proceedings.

Note that failure to enter all co-authors means that they will not appear in the SPMS and will subsequently not appear in any searches made on the JACoW database for this conference.


Making Changes to Your Abstract


Once the author information is complete, clicking "Return to Abstract List," will allow you to print, edit, or withdraw the abstract. You can log in to SPMS and make changes to your abstract and author information at any time before the submission deadline of:

1st April 2011 midnight, Central European Time (UTC + 1 hour).

Notification of Acceptance


Notification of the acceptance of contributions for presentation at the conference will be made to all submitting authors at the beginning of June, following the meeting of the Scientific Program Committee in May.




Please contact the Conference Proceedings Editor, if you have questions or difficulty submitting your abstract.